Friday, November 23, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddler Girls with Amazon

Its officially Christmas time y'all!!!

If anyone is like me, you did not want to be in the chaos of black Friday today! No thank you, I prefer my online shopping. It is less messy and a better way for me to control my shopping habits... if ya know what I mean. I have finished a good portion of shopping for Harleigh on Amazon. We went to see Santa Claus the night before Thanksgiving, and she had quite the list for him.

 Since she has been such a good girl this year, I wanted to make sure Santa brings her everything she wants. Amazon has definitely helped me so far, and made it affordable! They also have made my experience so seamless! It is a plus that I know exactly when my packages are arriving, so i can make sure to hide them before Har J sees.

Harleigh is a super girly 3 1/2 year old little girl...who also happens to be just like her mama and EXTREMELY obsessed with dinosaurs. It just comes naturally. Who doesn't love a big scary T-Rex..? Amazon has the perfect variety of toys to make every kid's Christmas morning dreams come true. I thought all my girl mama's may find it helpful if i linked some of the toys I got Har J this year.

The T-Rex Fingerling!! It comes in several different colors. I got Harleigh the green one. I've linked the Raptor Fingerling too. I am contemplating getting her one of these as well. I know she is going to love this. Click picture for direct link. Under $20 - Great Stocking Stuffer!

Hatchimal Babies! These are supposed to be a super hot item this year. Amazon has them marked down to $39.97 - that is $20 off! Click picture for link below.

A helmet for Harleigh's soon to be bicycle! I found this super cute Minnie Mouse helmet on Amazon for under $20. It had to be cute, or she will not wear it! Hopefully this one does the trick.

Leap Frog LeapTop - Under $25.00 - Harleigh loves trying to type on my computer at home. I thought this gift may help her with her practice her ABCs!

The Biggest comeback of the year- Polly Pocket. BEST STOCKING STUFFER EVER!! && Under $15. Another cool thing is that Amazon has a ton of accessories. I also got Har J Pollypocket's car. Sooo stinkin cool!

I bought Harleigh a doctor set for Christmas just because she has an obsession with sticking band-aids on Boo Boos... i thought, Why not?! She can feel like a real doctor with this set andpretend to take care of everybody. I thinks she will especially love it because it is pink.

We still have a few big things to get. She has been a super good girl this year. I know she really needs a Bicycle and would love a Trampoline. We will probably go into store to pick out these gifts to put under the tree. I will keep adding to this list as we keep buying! I just wanted to share with y'all what we have gotten so far today.

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