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Brow Microshading Review with Judy

Hi Friends!

Here is the long awaited Microshading blog post!

I have received more questions and compliments about my experience with Judy than I can count. I honestly don't know what I did before I had these new brows. They are 100% a game changer for all my ladies! I have always been super frustrated with my brows. They are almost bleach blonde and always require a ton of time in morning for me to pencil in. It is so time consuming, and being a Mama, I don't got time for that.

Instagram: @beautybyjudycho
To start off,  Meet Judy (AKA my brow queen)!
She works out of the San Marco Hair Company location in Saint Augustine, FL. They have the cutest studio right near the heart of downtown St. Augustine. Her brow work specialties include Ombre and Microshading. The one thing I do have to say about Judy is that she is super easy to talk to, which is important because you are there for a few hours and need to vibe with your brow person. I also love how attention to detail she was. It made the whole experience a lot more comfortable, because lets be honest.. semi permanent work done on your face is nerve wracking for anyone!

A few things that stand Judy out from other competitors is her ink! The ink is Vegan & cruelty free which is always a win in my book. It also does not change colors!! This is huge! Some ink is known to change to a salmon or pink color...NO BUENO! I was also super impressed with her prices. The microshading is $350! That is unheard of in Jacksonville, so it is definitely worth the trip to see Judy if you are coming from the Jax area. BONUS- mention me and you get 25% off... what an amazing deal!

So lets talk more about the process...


Step 1) CONSULTATION  35-40 mins

Judy started off by asking me what I wanted my brows to look like. I highly recommend finding a picture to bring to her and she can let you know what steps she would take to get you there. I brought her a picture from Pinterest and I emphasized the words "ARCH" and "DARKER"...both of which were nailed spot on, but you guys can see that later!

After we chatted about what I was wanting, she started the mapping process. This involved brow gel, a string, a razor and some sort of other brow tool ruler. During this stage in the process, Judy is making sure you not only get the exact brows you want, but also takes time to make sure you have what she calls "Twin Brows". Definitely important to ensure that they are symmetrical.

Apparently some brow artists try to free hand without the mapping process and it never ends up well. If you do not live in the North Florida area and are looking for someone to do your brows, make sure they take the time to measure them out, and NOT FREEHAND. It is your face and you want it to stay perfect <3

Back to my consultation... I wanted a higher arch so Judy shaved off quite a bit of the outsides of my brow to essentially build my perfect brow. Everyone's perfect brow will be different so each consultation is unique. We also touched on the color of my new brows! She told me a few different shades that she thought would look nice compared to what I was wanting. I ended up going with 'Bold Brown' which is perfect.

Once I got a preview of what my new brow would look like, it was time for the needling part!

Step 2) Set up 7-10 mins

After your brows are mapped on you have a few minutes to use the bathroom or grab a snack! Judy uses this time to get the table and equipment set up for the actual microshading part. Judy also shows you that the needle is clean and unused before she begins! I appreciated that she showed that this is a completely sanitary process.HIGHLY IMPORTANT! After Judy is all set up it is time for the most exciting part of the whole process...

Step 3) Microshading  1 1/2 - 2 Hours

If I could use one word to describe the actually microshading process it would be "Painless". I was shocked at how pain free this step was. I did not feel anything throughout most of the process. The only time I did feel the needle at all was during the first pass of my new brow. Judy put on the numbing cream every pass after that. A "pass" is every time she ran a layer of ink over my brow. It was like she was layering the ink until we got my brow to the right shape and color.

We chatted the whole time she was actually doing the process so it went by super quick! Again, the pain was next to nothing for me. I honestly think I could have taken a nap if Judy wasn't such a pleasure to talk to! It was that painless!

About half way thought Judy showed me my almost new brow and I was TOO excited. It was  honestly the best day ever at that point. I never knew I could love my own brows soooo much! It made the last few passes so much easier because I knew the time I took out of a Saturday night was going to be so worth it.

Step 4) Post Microshading & Healing  4-6 Weeks

After the procedure,  I was a little sore. Not too sore to have my husband take me and my daughter out for dinner though. I was SOO excited to show off these new brows. One thing I was worried about was how they were going to look right after the procedure.

Y'all, I had ZERO down time and was able to hang out with my girlfriends all weekend! They looked absolultey fine. Judy did mention that the red tones you see at first do go away as they heal. She also mentioned flaking as the brows heal. I have not yet experienced any of this, but will definitely follow up with yall as my brows continue to heal over the next 4-6 weeks.

Contact information for Judy:

Instagram: @beautybyjudycho
Studio Address: 247 San Marco Ave suite C, St. Augustine, FL 32084

If yall want to make an appointment with her, feel free to direct message her on Instagram or call the salon!

If you have any questions about my personal experience as a client, you can always message or email me! I am always happy to answer any questions. 

Dont forget to mention me when you make your appointment for 25% off of your service!!


Megan Wingate

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