Monday, March 25, 2019

Prime Car Wash Review

Hi Guys,

I recently had the opportunity to work with Prime Car Wash in Jacksonville, FL. The only way to describe this this amazing car detailing location is 5 star.

I have been to various car detailing locations and car washes and always dread it. They are hot, uncomfortable, and just flat out NOT a good time.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of my experience at Prime Car Wash, but what I got exceeded all expectations.

You start your experience driving through an exterior wash tunnel....or more like a night club. You cruise through the tunnel and let the prime car wash loader pull you through a bunch of fun flashing lights. I had a good time anyways. When I completed the exterior wash, I was please to find 4 gentlemen waiting for me so that they could HAND DRY my vehicle. It was fabulous. It has always been a personal pet peeve of mine, spending all of that money on a car wash and leaving with water spots. Prime Car Wash's staff doesn't let that happen. BLESS!

While the rest of my car was being detailed, I waited inside a cafe styled waiting room. It was super clean, working Air Conditioning and had a cafe with snacks and Starbucks coffee. The comfy chairs, free wifi, and hot Starbs was enough to make me not mind hanging the duration of the interior detailing.

All my mama's listen up...Prime Car Wash understands we have to bring the littles sometimes. They keep them super busy with charged ipads at their location and other marker boards. It was super cute. Next time I will for sure bring Harleigh and not worry about her being bored or driving me completely crazy.
Another great option for mama's (we all know it is near impossible to keep our car clean) is the monthly memberships.I got the 360 Full Service membership for only $49 a month! You can also just get the wash for one time for only $25. They clean the interior and exterior as well as door jams, and tire shine. Such a good deal! I recommend the membership because you can go UNLIMITED amount of times. Such a good deal!

If I didn't brag enough about the services, get this. Prime Car Wash partners with The Arc Foundation to employ people who may be autistic and have a hard time finding employment elsewhere. I thought this was awesome and warmed my soul!

If you guys go, find the best manager ever Zach and tell him I sent you :)

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