Monday, April 22, 2019

Walking Down Rainbow Row with Val

All dresses are from
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Hi Friends!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend. It felt odd to not be home until Easter Sunday evening, but I was away from home for an amazing opportunity.

To be honest, I could literally talk about my trip to Charelston for days, but one of my most favorite locations was Rainbow Row.

Our group of girls had the opportunity to work with Val, a local, AMAZING, photographer to the Charleston, South Carolina area. We chose to showcase some of our most favorite outfits on the world famous, Rainbow Row.

The home fronts are all bright pastel colors, and most with colorful accent potted plants on the window sill. There is honestly nothing like it...well that I have ever saw anyways. If you visit Charleston, it is an absolute must see!

Val was incredible to work with. She literally did anything & everything for the perfect shot, including directing traffic of pedestrians. The pictures are all so worth it.

See for yourself...

Dress is from:
Use Code: MEGAN20 for 20% of your order

All dresses are from
Use code: MEGAN20 for 20% off of yours!

You guys can check out all our photos from the shoot at this link:

You should check out all of the many types of photography sessions she does at <3

Her instagram is: @valandco_photo , Give her a follow!

Mort content on Charleston, coming soon!



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