Wednesday, May 8, 2019

10 Things I've learned about Blogging before 10k

Hi Friends-

First off...THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I don't know how to even express into works how grateful I am for all of you.

I am so excited that I hit this mile stone! I never would have though that when I got my blog up and running in 2018, that this would even be possible... and it is all thanks to you. I appreciate all of you that follow me along on this crazy journey and only hope that I keep getting better with time.

To get my Blog and brand to where it is now, I had to come over a lot of self doubt and put in a ton of hours on top of working full time and being a mom. I still do.

I get asked a lot about how I grew my blog. It is a super fun industry to be in, but I think it is a surprise to new bloggers that it isn't just getting dressed up and taking pictures. You have to be creative, and put time into making sure your content is top knotch, especially when working with brands.

For all of you that are thinking about starting a blog or are in the very beginning stages of it, this post is for you.


1. Be Patient; this may be a super cliche first piece of advice, but if you are not patient, frustration    kicks in and resentment happens towards the learning process. Starting a blog is seriously like learning a new language. You have to learn how to create a website, take pictures, pitch to brands, link all of your accounts to your is a lot! There is no rush, so just focus on one thing at a time and you will get there

2. Ask for help; people always get so nervous to ask more experienced bloggers for help. I am still learning, and if you don't ask you may never know. Not all girls (naturally) are peachy to offer help, but what's the worst that can happen...they ignore your DM and don't answer. Soo what. But on the other side of that, there are a majority of bloggers who would love to help. If there is something you see on someone's page or instagram and you wonder how they do it, just ask. It is also a good way to meet new people.

3. Have a girl gang of bloggers; I learned this very recently, this can be a competitive industry, but there is power in numbers. Find a group of girls you can rely on to hype each other up. Not only have your girl gang as your cheer squad, but have them to also learn about the industry. Everyone will bring different knowledge to the table and it is fun to learn from each other.

4. Don't expect everyone to understand; if I had a dollar for every time I was mocked for just taking pictures and getting dressed on instagram to make this a success, I could retire. That is not true, and no one really understands the amount of work and creativity goes into a blogging brand..unless you are a blogger. Also a good reason to follow point 3, have a girl gang of bloggers.

5. Use YouTube; I learned that YouTube can be your best friend when first getting started. I literally created my whole website from Youtube. Take a whole day, and just search whatever topics you are looking for in YouTube! Seriously, and as you are watching, tinker around on your new website and see all the fun things you can do to customize it. Also, if you haven't even created a site yet, YouTube is a good resource for learning how to set it up, whether you are using, Blogger or WordPress.

6. Invest in a preset; I have switched through about 6 presets since my blog launched, but they make your pictures look so much more personalized. I always tend to download ones that are bright, so if you scroll through my feed, everything is super bright. I just recently started using @Aubrey.Asplen.Alley presets and LOVE them...all my pics are edited in this post with her presets. Linked HERE . I highly recommend! But Etsy is also a good resource for very affordable presets. They are like, SUPER affordable.

7. Think about your niche; trying to do everything gets sooo overwhelming. Do yourself a favor and think about which niche or niches you want to be an expert in. Whether its fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel or food. Pick 1 or 2 and run with it!

8. Say yes more often than no; When an opportunity comes up, make it a point to say yes. To be successful in this industry, you have to get your face and name out to brands, other content creators, and out at events. It is super important to start off with the habit of knowing that you are going to be "working" additional hours outside of your 9-5, so starting off with this will make you more successful in the long run. Besides...opportunities don't happen often when you are sitting at home.

9. Network, network, network; another good way to start making yourself known is to meet as many people as possible. New relationships can form new opportunities for your brand. Getting to know as many people as possible in this industry will only benefit you in the long run.

10. Be YOURSELF; this is self explanatory, but don't think that you have to change yourself to fit into this industry. People honestly are more drawn to influencers who are completely and utterly honest with themselves. There are millions and millions of people on Instagram, so I am sure you will find your group of followers, who love you for you!

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