Friday, May 10, 2019

Fun, Funky, Fresh - Photoshoot with Erica

Happy Friday Friends!

We made it, and now I can enjoy some much needed time off with the Fam-Bam for 9 days. We leave for our cruise on Sunday AM and don't return for 6 days. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.


Before I embark on my next trip, I wanted to share a super fun shoot that I had with the photographer of @photosbyairy , Erica Tolan, a few weeks back.

You guys usually see me dolled up, and smiling my biggest smile, and striking the same 2 or 3 poses so you can get the best view of my outfit. This shoot was so different, and funky, and Fresh...something we all need! She pushed me to a new style that at first was super awkward for me, but like doing most things new, I got warmed up to it....and LOVED IT.

Erica lives in Philly, but she was down in Florida for a short time. I couldn't refuse working with her. Check out her IG here so you can see why...  Instagram Here

We shot for about 2 hours at a local neighbor hood in St. Augustine, called Palencia. There are a ton of pretty places to shoot, but Erica's ability to edit the h*ll out of these photos, turned it into a whole other world in the picture.

You have already seen a few of these on instagram, but here is what the final product was for the whole shoot!! 💜


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