Sunday, October 6, 2019

Dermaplaning Review with Glam Bar

1 week post treatment & No filter!

Hi Loves,

About a week ago, I tried my first ever Dermaplaning procedure. Like all things, trying something for the first time is a little nerve wracking. A medical grade razor being applied to your face.. Like what!? Let me tell you that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and some thing I plan on incorporating into my beauty routine. Let me tell y'all about my procedure and outcome!

I went to Glam Bar for my European Facial and derma planing, which is located right in-between Jax & St. Augustine. Brooke, owner and esthetician of Glam Bar, is truly amazing at what she does. She was sooo sweet and did a fabulous job on my skin. She also, has a lot of experience, which is very important when choosing someone to help take care of your skin.

When I got to Glam Bar and started prepping for my facial, I had several break outs on my chin. This resulted in me having to cake make up on to cover the big red bumpss, and that was not helping at all. It was only making my spots worse. Brooke looked at my skin before doing any treatments to make sure the facial she gave me was exactly what my skin needed. 

As mentioned, we decided after my skin eval that the European Facial was right for me and what my skin needed. This facial uses a combination of Image Skincare products to make my skin hydrated and glowy. ALSO, after 2 days all of my red bumps and break outs were completely gone. The facial was soo relaxing. It is about 60 minutes and included a facial massage and shoulder and arm massage. 

Once the facial part was complete, it was time for the Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a substitute for exfoliation because it is literally taking off your top 4 layers of dead skin cells. The procedure itself is 100% painless and takes about 5 minutes. I honestly was unsure how this add on to my facial was going to give me such great results, but I noticed immediately. My make up goes on like butter now, and I have received more compliments on my skin than I ever have before. My skin also looks so much more young because it is a fresh layer of skin and zero peach fuzz! There is no downtime after derma planing, which is also a huge win for me because this mama has no time for down time. 

The price point for the European Facial is $75. The Dermaplaning add on is only $20 and results will last about 21-28 days. I have a discount code for 15% off of any service! Use code MEGAN15 for a discount. Follow this link to book your appointment ... BOOK NOW!

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