Sunday, November 10, 2019

Harleigh's Christmas Wishlist for 2019

Nothing screams "it's the holiday season", like a Christmas wishlist blog post!

Like the rest of us, Harleigh is starting her Christmas list for Santa pretty early. She has chosen some really great gifts all inspired by her hobbies, interests, and of course what is popular for her age right now. I want to share with the rest of my toddler girls moms, aunts, friends whoever, what she chose! It may make your Christmas shopping a tad bit easier this year.

Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids, and Target are where I do my Christmas shopping for Harleigh every year. Pottery barn has the most beautiful custom gifts for your little. All 3 retailers have great options this year so linked all of our top pics for y'all. I am also including things that Harleigh already owns, that she absolutely loves. I highly recommend gifting an Amazon Kindle for your little one. This thing has saved us when traveling, or I bring it with us to run errands...totally a life saver! Harleigh also has the vanity from PBK and it is soo cute and perfect for her age. It is 30% off at PB right now with code 'MOREPLEASE'.

Outside of toys, I always love gifting an experience. Movie tickets, theme park passes, or a family trip are always great gifts! This year my family is going on a ski trip the day after Christmas, so were not going to buy a ton of gifts for eachother. I would rather us all do something together over material things!

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

Gifts from Pottery Barn Kids

Gifts from Target

Gifts from Amazon

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