Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Lash Lift and Tint Review - with at Glam Bar

Hi Ya'll,

I took another trip to see my girl Brooke at the new Glam Bar location in St. Johns, and tried something new that I have been so excited to share! If y'all kept up with me a few weeks ago, we did a facial and derma planing!! Soooo good!

I am sure most of you girls are planning out your crazy hectic holiday schedule, full of parties and events! I find that staying on my A game during the holidays is a MUST because you know friends and family will be taking all the pictures, that will be there for forever! This can be pretty difficult with a slammed packed schedule. I recently tried a Lash Lift and Tint recently with Brooke at The Glam Bar and wanted to give you all the details.

Lash Sets vs. Lash Lift and Tine

1. MAINTENANCE- So I have had a lash set many, many times! They are soo fab, but sometimes I don't have the time to go in every 2 weeks for a fill. My schedule is super crazy and unpredictable, so as much as I love having a full set I don't always have the time for upkeep. I wanted to try something new, as always. Lash Lift & Tints last 7-8 weeks which is much more manageable!

2. PRICE - Lash Sets can cost between $180-$350 (before gratuity) when first applied. Fills can cost between $45-80 every 2 weeks. My lash lift & tint was $75, and I shouldn't need to go back for about 7-8 weeks. 

3. APPEARANCE - I would definitely say if you love a more dramatic look, try a set of lashes. You can choose classic, volume, or hybrid depending on how dramatic you want them to go. A lash lift and tint gives you a much more natural look, but 100% makes your lashes look fuller and super long. 

How the process works.

So my brows and lashes both took only an hour, and was totally relaxing, I actually took a nap haha. 
Brooke applied a curler and a liquid chemical onto my lashes, similar to a perm. Totally painless! My lashes were instantly super long! Love, love that these were now my au natural lashes. After about 20-30 minutes Brooke applied the tint, which darkens your new long lashes. My natural lashes are blonde, so this 100% helped them become much more visible.

While my tint was settling on my lashes, Brooke tinted my brows. My brows are micro bladed, but my natural brow color is also blonde. A brow tint makes them pop much, much more than just micorblading alone. 

Before & After --- 

Have a great rest of the week babes! XoXo - Megan <3

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