Sunday, February 16, 2020

Killington Ski Trip Recap & Packing Essentials

Happy Sunday y'all! I can't believe its been a week since my work's annual ski trip! Our consulting firm travels somewhere new every winter for a ski trip and its always the best time. This year we went to Killington, VT and it is beautiful! It was so exciting for many reasons, including the fact that I had never been to Vermont before. 

We arrived by bus, from NYC, late Friday night. It was about a 4 hour bus ride from the city, but totally worth it. Our bus didn't leave til 6:30 PM because we all had to work in the city that day. As soon as we got 2 hours into our trip, it was snowing! We were so fortunate this past weekend because it literally snowed every single day. Being from Florida and rarely ever seeing snow, I legit squealed every time a snowflake landed on me. They are actually really, really pretty! I never knew that snowflakes actually looked like that in real life. Its the little things in life ;) The weather was super freaking high of 12 degrees Fereinheit cold. It was really important to dress warm, so I'll be sure to link all of my ski gear later in this post. 

Our ski lodge was called the Cascade Lodge! It was super cute and homey,  and the staff were soo nice! If you are going to Killington to ski, its a great location. It took less than 5 minutes by shuttle to get to, Snow Shed, which is the ski resort. The shuttle is complimentary to snow shed for hotel guests! You guys can check out Cascades lodge here to see pics, pricing and amenities. 

I decided to take  a refresher course Saturday Morning with a few of my co-workers and am so glad I did! It was almost 2 years since I've been snowboarding, and I felt like I had forgotten how to do anything. It was crazy, but after 30 minutes my muscle memory kicked in and I felt so much better. I forgot how fun it is being on the mountain. If you are a beginner, the classes were so helpful and only last 3 hours! They have several great beginner trails if you want to learn to ski or snowboard. Day 1 snowboarding you learn the very basics to get down the bunny slope, but  if you decided to take day 2 you actually go up the mountain with your instructor which is cool. I only took day 1 for a refresher, and hung with my co-workers the rest of the trip.

Saturday Night, all of us went to a local restaurant called the Wobbly Barn! The food was really really good, and if you decide to stay out, the club/bar is right down stairs. The locals go there as well as people from out of town, so its a fun spot for everybody. I didn't get many pics, but highly recommend if you are in town! I'll put the link to their site HERE so you can check out the menu and other info. 

The most important part (and favorite part) was finding cute, but affordable ski gear. I knew that it was going to be freezing during the trip, so dressing in layers was really important. I am linking most of the items I brought with me on my trip here. I've also added gloves that are phone touchscreen friendly, because that was a struggle I had during my trip, Anytime I wanted to take a photo, or text someone I had to take my gloves off. It was brutal in 12 degree weather.

Tell me about your favorite ski resort below! Definitely want to try somewhere new with Drew and Harleigh soon!


Megan Wingate


  1. I’m from Colorado so if you ever make it out that way Definetly try Keystone!! It’s big but not as expensive as some of the other resorts so it’s perfect!

  2. Thanks for the rec! I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado! :)