Saturday, April 18, 2020

Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Accessories


Wow, when I posted my Amazon haul last week on stories y'all went crazy over the accessory organizers I shared. During this time of being at home quite a bit, I've had lots and lots of time to organize my accessories just how I like them. I wanted to share this post so you can always reference back to ideas on how to organize your goodies!

The best part of all of these organizers, is that they are Prime Eligible and super inexpensive. I am going to link my current organizers and other fun pieces I found on Amazon. Funny thing is, most of the accessories you see in my photos, are ALSO prime eligible so linking those for y'all as well.

My accessories have by far been the most challenging to organize just because there are soo many, but now that I conquered it I am going to move into the kitchen next! Jacksonville just extended their stay at home order thru May 13th... so more time to get things done around here :)

Hair accessory and Headband organization finds

Earring Organizers / Favorite Amazon Earrings

Sunglass Organizers / Favorite Sunnies


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