Friday, July 17, 2020

How I passed my FL Real Estate Exam on the first try!

Hi friends, long time no talk on the blog!

Phewwww, it has been a long 3 months since I have posted on Balancing Bows and Heels! I took the crazy jump to follow my dreams in the real estate business despite all of the 2020 craziness. Real Estate is a business I have been wanting to pursue for over 3 years now. I kept making excuses for myself and not putting in the time and work it actually takes to obtain a license. I have been beating myself up and disappointed every time 'Something else, would come up.'

I finally decided that during all the down time of quarantine, I would utilize my down time, and do something good for myself. It is so easy to loose yourself and your dreams when you are pushing 30 (YIKES!), but i made that stop in May! The nail biting & lash pulling work all paid off thru May, June, and July! It was not an easy walk in the park to get my license and take my 63 hour course. Not only did I do all of those things, but within a week of passing my class exam, I successfully passed my state exam! Some people thought I was crazy for taking them so close together, but ya girl was ready! I am learning now, that that was just the beginning. 

Not sure if many of you know this, but only 48% of test takers, pass their Real Estate State exam on the first try! 48%!!! if that number didn't scare me, I would 100% have been lying to you. I have heard a lot of friends and acquaintances talk about getting their real estate license so I want to share with y'all what I did to get mine...and in such a short time frame! I conquered the odds and made it into the minority of first time passers, and here is how I did it..

Choose the right class for your schedule

The very first step of obtaining your license, is to take the standard 63-hour pre-licensing course. When you go to sign up, you will find lots and lots of class options with different methods and schedules. After reading reviews, I went with Watson School of Real Estate pre-licensing 63 hour course. This class isn't superrr exciting, but its super important information so you need to find a class that works with your schedule and your pace. FYI: Not sponsored, just my honest opinion :)

Watson honestly has a class for any schedule! I work 8AM-5PM Monday thru Friday, so I signed up for the 4 week Mon-Thurs 6:00PM-10PM course that they offered. Best part? It was a live streamed class that I was able to access from home, sooo no COVID-19 happening over here. ;) If you prefer to go at your own pace, you can do the self paced course which you have 6 months to complete. I wouldn't recommend, because you have no access to an instructor, or accountability to get it done! I recommend either in person or online streaming classes!

Re-read everything in-between classes

What helped me retain information the most, so that I was able to pass my state exam within 1 week of passing my class exam, was re-reading every single chapter. My classes were during the work week, so I woke up early to go over any of the previous nights units. Whatever I didn't have the chance to read over before logging into work, I would catch up on lunch, and then after work. It was honestly like a second job, but paid off. 

During the weekends, I would take the end unit exams to test myself on the weeks material! This was super helpful because any questions I got wrong, I would go back and re-read that section. I did notice a lot of similarities on the end of unit test questions and the state exam questions. The styles get you used to the tricks you will see on the state questions. 

Prepare for your class exam, before the state exam

The trick to even getting to your state exam, is passing your class exam... YESSS, hate to break it to you! There are two separate exams. I decided to focus heavily on the notes, that my teacher hinted was on the exam, because you only have 2 chances to pass it with a 70% or higher. If you do not pass your class exam on the first try, you have to wait 30 whole days to take it again. I am EXTREMELY impatient when i really really want something, so I had to pass the first time. I would have been so mad at myself if I had to wait another 30 days. So listen to your instructor, because they will most likeley drop lots of hints regarding what is on the class exam. 

Don't wait to apply for your license thru the DBPR

I was able to schedule my state exam so early after I completed the class because I applied wayyyy before my class was even done. You can apply before your class even starts if you would like! It can take up to 4 weeks for application approval, so I highly suggest submitting your fingerprints and application as early as possible. Upon the approval of your application, and a clear back ground check, you receive an invite to schedule your state exam test! If you wait until after your class is done to apply for licensure, you may wait months to actually take the state. 

Know that you will need lots of study time

This test and class is not for the faint of heart. It is hard, and like learning a new language in a short time span. I kept my weeks free of distractions, and enough hours in the weekends (like 5 hours a day) to review everything. I even gave up blogging and turned down collaborations to made sure I could give 110% during my class span. If something is super important to you, sometimes you have to make sacrifices! Again, it probably will save you more time just staying on top of your studying during the course of the class.

I hope this helps anyone looking into getting their license! If you have any questions, drop them for me! :)


Megan Wingate
Your new FL Realtor!

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